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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Preserving a healthy planet for future generations is our responsibility as leaders in the healthcare industry.

Environmental Sustainability Medline Europe

At Medline, we feel that preserving a healthy
planet for future generations is not only the right thing to do, but it is our responsibility as leaders
in the healthcare industry to do our part.

Medline’s Commitment to Sustainability

Medline is committed to making our products and services more sustainable. We also challenge our suppliers to use environmentally-friendly practices in the manufacturing process, such as use of renewable energy and raw materials, and innovative re-uses for manufacturing waste.

Medline believes that redesigning products to use less packaging, optimise space and eliminate petroleum-based materials not only creates a more convenient product for our customers, it also reduces harmful emissions in the manufacturing process and transportation. Where we cannot use recycled material, we identify strategies for reducing the amount of material used in the production process.

ISO 14001: 2004 certification

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets out a specific process for controlling and improving a company's environmental performance. At Medline, this improvement encompasses many forms, from enhanced communications and employee awareness to improved environmental performance and improved emergency planning and response programs.

Medline’s commitment to continuous environmental improvement and minimising impact on the environment are at the core of our ISO 14001: 2004 Certification. Medline was granted ISO 14001 registration in 2012 for seven of our facilities:

• Sterile procedure tray assembly facilities - Châteaubriant, France and Waukegan, Ill.
• Medline International office in Madrid, Spain „
• Medline International office in Florence, Italy
• World headquarters - Mundelein, Ill. United States
• Dynacor division - Mundelein, Ill. United States
• ReadyCare division - Waukegan, Ill. United States

Certificate of Registration available here

Greensmart™ Programme for Hospitals

Medline encourages its customers to think both eco-friendly and economical. The greensmart™ programme helps customers with sustainable products, consulting services, education and more. It is designed to help quantify and report ongoing sustainability initiatives from both an environmental and financial point of view.

Greensmart™ is a full line of operating theatre products that are environmentally friendly (green) and good for your business (smart). At Medline, we continually look for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, and we know our customers share our concern for the environment.

The greensmart programme includes only high-quality, affordable products. We evaluated our top-selling pack components and developed smart options that conserve energy in manufacturing, contain recyclable materials and leave behind less waste in landfills.

greensmart™ product page

Waste Reduction

As Medline turns green, we are changing the way we handle waste. We know this is important to our employees, customers and our planet. From sorting office paper and plastic bottles, to regrinding plastic and recycling cardboard, the company is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our waste. In our French and German warehouse facilities we recycle approximately:

• 400 tonnes per year of corrugate or paper
• 100 tonnes per year of plastic
• 20,000 each per year of wood pallets

In our patient plastics manufacturing facility, 95% of our “waste” plastic raw material is reused on-site. The other 5% is recycled where it is reused in different industries. This single action reduces energy consumption and the extraction of raw material.


To reduce our carbon footprint, Medline has taken many steps on the inbound and outbound transportation side:
• Our staff is trained to fully cube all of our inbound containers and trailers
• We use energy-efficient intermodal shipping to reduce fuel consumption

Within our distribution centres, we are implementing more sustainable practices and making sustainability a key factor in materials and design used:
• Skylights in many of our distribution centres allow us to avoid using any lights during sunny days
• Low unit of measure picking is done without vehicles – only push carts
• We use recycled pallets, reusable shipping totes, air pillows to cushion products
• We redesign our products to fit more on a truck for fewer emissions from transportation

Green Building

Medline integrates sustainability in our offices, factories and warehouses. Medline has made significant investments in:

Renewable energy – Our two newest corporate buildings are equipped with geothermal systems.

LEED certification – Our new buildings are constructed to meet LEED certification standards.

Energy efficiency – In several of our corporate buildings and warehouses we use daylight through skylights, photocell-controlled exterior lighting, solarreflective roofing materials, smart thermostats, etc.

Water usage – We use sensor faucets and intelligent irrigation strategies such as drought-resistant landscaping.

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