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Surgical Gloves


Exceeding the standards to keep you safe


100% inspection & 0.65 AQL

Your surgical staff and surgeons can feel confident knowing that every single surgical glove we produce is 100% inspected for pinholes, tears, and visual defects.  

Surgical gloves from Medline are tested to the most stringent levels, including an AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) of 0.65 for freedom from holes, compared to the EN standard of 1.5.¹

This level of quality means fewer potentially defective gloves and a lower possibility for cross contamination and infection.

Skin-friendly technology

We address type I and type IV allergies from the beginning by selecting only the highest grade raw materials and removing impurities before production.  

During the manufacturing process, multiple hot water leaching stages are used ensure a finished product that has low residual chemical accelerator and protein levels.

As an alternative to potentially dangerous powder, powder-free gloves from Medline utilize synthetic polymer inner coatings to aid in damp hand donning.

Our optional Aloetouch technology is clinically proven to moisturize dry, irritated skin.

Superior barrier protection

In addition to protection from bloodborne pathogens, we test the barrier properties of our gloves against a large variety of chemical commonly used in theatres, laboratory, pharmacy, and sterile processing.  We also offer both latex and latex-free gloves tested against chemotherapy drug permeation using the latest and most stringent standards.

¹ Medline surgical gloves are tested to an AQL of 0.65 for either final release, or pre-packing.  Only MediGuard and Neolon 2G are tested to AQL 0.65 before packing, and released at AQL 1.0.

These products are sterile class IIa medical devices. Please refer to IFU or packaging before use.

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